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Sheet metal forming

All products of Sander Automation, including Transfer systems, blankloaders, die cushions, blank loader or blanking stations are sophisticated systems which have been tested and proven to be reliable in our production over many years.

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Solid forming

Sander Transfer systems and charging stations have been used since 1995 for massive forming. Wellknown companies, always return to Sander Automation for our well-proven, reliable products.

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New or used

Are you looking for used Transfer systems? – ask us!
Find data sheets for an efficient way of identifying your needs regarding transfer systems.

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„Innovation in motion“ is the slogan of the electric section of Sander Automation GmbH.

The specialists of Sander Automation implement every solution based on the customers’ needs and requests. The trouble-free transport of the parts in the press is guaranteed with a Sander-NC Transfer. Since the commissioning of the first NC – Transfer in 1999 it has been developing constantly and the gained experiences have been used for future solutions.

The strength of Sander Automation is the worldwide, realtime and individual customer service, from projecting and commissioning to training, maintenance and repair.

Projecting & Planning
We at Sander Automation take our customers’ needs and requests seriously. We will project and plan a solution custom-made.

Commissioning at Sander Automation:

The Systems will be tested at Sander with a press simulation to make sure it works perfectly in function and performance.

Commissioning & Approval at Customer
At the customer or press manufacturer, the Sander components will be installed and the interfaces between the automation systems will be optimized and removed.

Customer training:
The customer will be trained by Sander technicians on site or trained in individual workshops at the main plant and introduced to the technology.

After sales support:
Even after taking over the system, Sander still supports the customers with qualified service via phone, remote maintenance & on site service.


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