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Sheet metal forming

All products of Sander Automation, including Transfer systems, blankloaders, die cushions, blank loader or blanking stations are sophisticated systems which have been tested and proven to be reliable in our production over many years.

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Solid forming

Sander Transfer systems and charging stations have been used since 1995 for massive forming. Wellknown companies, always return to Sander Automation for our well-proven, reliable products.

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New or used

Are you looking for used Transfer systems? – ask us!
Find data sheets for an efficient way of identifying your needs regarding transfer systems.

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The company

1979: Sander transfer system production begins! . Up to this point, the development and production of smaller systems with medium number of strokes existed, almost entirely for sheet metal forming.

1995: In the beginning, the delivery of our systems were mainly for solid forming, however the requirements of the hot and warm forming industry helped us to shape the design of the Sander Transfer Systems. Until 1998 only mechanical gripper feed systems had been manufactured.

1998: The newly developed and patented Sander NC-Transfer with swing-arm technology, led to an above-average growth rate.

1999 – 2003: During this time approximately 60 NC-Transfers for both sheet metal and hot / warm forming were delivered. It was realized that there was a need for a larger design and production facility.

2003: The founding of Sander Automation GmbH as an individual company of the Sander-group. At this time, about 36 employees moved to the new production location in Renchen.

2006: The development of the HST series of Sander Transfer systems. This system was mainly designed for larger presses with bed sizes of 4000 mm and larger. This model is also ideal for presses with small side windows and C-frame presses.
The first of the HST systems were installed in Germany.
Although the need for this series of transfer originated in North America, there soon became a market in Europe as well.
These systems are in strong demand for the larger presses operating in Canada, USA and Mexico.
2015: Sander Automation Germany has built a new production hall and an Office building. They moved on June 2015
2010: Sander Automation officially opened their operation in North America. Since 1999 the Sander NC- Transfer systems have been running in North America. Sander Automation has been delivering the North American Market with great success. Well known industry names such as Magna, P&F Tool and Die, Multimatic, Inmetmatic, PWO, ABM Tool and Die and Commercial Spring, are examples of our loyal customers.

2011: Sander developed another transfer system for use on smaller and faster running presses.
Both double column presses  and C-frame presses will be equipped with the Transfer systems of the ZGV 200 series which come in a number ranges …up to 200 strokes /min.

Customers from all over Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Korea, Russia, Japan and China use the Sander Transfer Systems in Sheet metal and solid forming processes.

NC-Transfer systems produced by Sander Automation are capable of reaching production numbers of 300 strkes/min and therefore are also used in high-speed production.

Included in our range of capabilities:

- NC-Transfer systems
- Mechanical systems
- Blank shuttle
- mechanicaltransfer systems
- pneumatic die cushions
- blanking stations
- tool optimization
- problem solutions
- complete solution
- training