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Sheet metal forming

All products of Sander Automation, including Transfer systems, blankloaders, die cushions, blank loader or blanking stations are sophisticated systems which have been tested and proven to be reliable in our production over many years.

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Solid forming

Sander Transfer systems and charging stations have been used since 1995 for massive forming. Wellknown companies, always return to Sander Automation for our well-proven, reliable products.

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New or used

Are you looking for used Transfer systems? – ask us!
Find data sheets for an efficient way of identifying your needs regarding transfer systems.

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We offer you a complete solution in forming: based on experience in our stamping facility. At the Sander Group, we have been forming sheet metal in our presses and stamp equipment since 1979, with great success.
A market highlight was the NC-transfer system, developed by Sander Automation. Right after testing, proving and producing with it in our own forming operation, we offered the system to the market. Wellknown customers were convinced that their own production would benefit by the innovation of our Transfer System.

Customer loyalty is proof of the standard of quality of Sander Transfer Systems. To meet the fast growing needs of our customers, in 2006 a new transfer type for large presses was designed and presented. This patented kinematics helped our customers to significantly increase their production rates from what they had with other transfer systems. We even used the time of the global crisis to develop our product portfolio. At this point we had picked up another need of our customers and implemented it. At the Blech-Expo in 2011 we presented a 2-D-Transfer System for smaller and faster presses. Our desire to meet the needs and requirements of our customers is ongoing.. Please join us and witness our next innovation, at the Euro-Blech 2012. You can be sure that we will continue to be an innovative partner in the future that will address the needs of our customers.

We design our transfer systems individually and adjust them to perfectly match our costomer’s press.Mechanical joints are made individually and are discussed and optimized with the customer and press producer. We integrate our system with the press in the most efficient way. Changes during the project are not a problem. The latest technology for CAD systems are used, thus drawings can easily be created and changed according to the customers’ requirements. All common interfaces for data exchange are available.

We are your partner for optimization of tools, optimization of motion and increase of stroke rates of your existing Systems. We are available to help and advise at any time.

We would love to develop individual solutions e.g. blank loader,blank stacker, the latest generation of grippers, blanking stations, pneumatic die cushions etc.

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